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Home > Pedicure Chairs > La Plumeria Pedicure Chair

La Plumeria Pedicure Chair
La Plumeria with 9620 Chair
Dark Cherry Laminate Base / Orange Bowl / Truffle Chair

La Plumeria 9620 Pedicure Chair


Pedicure Chair Upholstery Colors - Standard
Holly Hock
Holly Hock
Pedicure Bowl Colors - Standard
Orange Pedicure Bowl
Black Pedicure Bowl
Pedicure Chair Base Colors - Standard
Dark Cherry Base
Dark Cherry

**Note: All colors are not exactly as shown and are used for displaying purposes only. Colors may vary from actual product.
Plumbing Installation Options - Standard
No Plumbing
No Plumbing
No Plumbing Install
The Plumeria comes with a No Plumbing installtion option where the tilting footrest allows easy removal of the bowl, to be carried away and emptied.
With Plumbing
With Plumbing
With Plumbing Install
The Plumeria can also be connected to an existing drain. The bowl can tilt and the water
is poured into a drain basin right on the unit.
Pedicure Chair Features - Standard
Adjustable Footrest
Adjustable Footrest
Adjustable Footrest
The Plumeria Adjustable Footrest offer various height postitions for client comfort.
Pedicure Bowl With Jets - Standard Pedicure Stools - Standard
Jetted Pedicure Bowl
Pedicure Stools
Pedicure Stool With Matching Upholstery
Pedicure Chair Features - Standard
Sting Ray Pipefree Whirlpool System
Sting Ray Pipefree Whirlpool
Pipefree Whirlpool
The Sting Ray Jet is an all new pipefree whirlpool jet which mounts to the floor of the pedicure bowl helping eliminate the contamination of your pedicure chairs. The Sting Ray Jet System comes with an easy to remove cover for cleaning and sanitizing.
Pedicure Chair Drain Pump - Upgrade
Drain Pump
Pedicure Drain Pump
Drain Pump
Drain Pumps are factory installed to provide assistance in draining water from the sink to plumbing located in the wall. Drain pumps are not necessary if a floor drain is available.
Pedicure Chair Liner - Upgrade
Pedicure Liners
Pedicure Liners
Pedicure Liners
Inexpensive Poly-Liners with CleanJet MAX Pipefree Whirlpool provides a sanitary and convenient spa session. Available in Soft & Hard Liners.
Shiatsu Massage Chair - Standard
Shiatsu Massage
Pedicure Chair Massage
The La Plumeria 9620 Pedicure Chair comes with a state-of-the-art shiatsu roller back massage system. The roller back system works on applying pressure to all the right spots as well as providing several different functions: compression, kneading, percussion and rolling. All of these functions can be controlled by a hand held remote which allows your client to customize their experience of ultimate relaxation.

La Plumeria 9620 Features
La Plumeria 9620 Options / Upgrades
  • Pipe Free Cleanjet Max System
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Whirlpool foot bath
  • Massage Remote
  • Adjustable Footrest
  • Removable Pedicure Bowl
  • Motorized Recline
  • Adjustable Armrests
  • Discharge Pump
  • Pedicure Liners
  • Custom Embroidered Logo on Headrest
  • International Voltage Conversion (220V)
La Plumeria 9620 Specifications
  • Dimensions Without Trays - 57"L X 32"W X 57"H
  • Dimensions With Trays - 57"L X 46"W X 57"H
  • Pedicure Bowl Dimensions- 19" Front to Back x 18" Across x 9" Deep
  • Weight - 260 lbs
  • Tub Capacity - N/A
  • Electrical - Whirlpool Cleanjet 1/5HP 120V 1.5 AMP 60hz. Discharge pump (optional) 110V 5.5 AMP 60Hz. Must meet local codes / Ground fault interrupter required.
  • Chair Material - Durable leatherette with protective finish. Manufactured to provide protection in medical and health care environments.
  • Warranty - View Details
  • Certifications - CSA approved & UL listed
La Plumeria Manual
La Plumeria Brochure


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