General Questions

Q. Where is your company located?
A. We are a North American based company; however, we ship world wide. ( United States including Hawaii & Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, South America and the Caribbean)

Q. Where do I find pricing for your products?
A. All pricing shown is listed in American Dollars. For any discounted, package or international pricing please contact our office.

Q. Why is a TAX ID or Social Security Number required when requested?
A. The government of the United States and all European governments require this information for customs clearance at the border. This information will ensure a more timely delivery with no stoppages or bond fees. Your personal information will only and exclusively be used to process your order and will only be disclosed to border officials where necessary.

Payment Questions

Q. What Forms of payment are accepted?
A. Online Payments: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Apple Pay, Shop Pay, GPay. Offline Payments: Wire Transfer, Direct Deposits, Money Orders and Financing. Processing fees are subject to select transactions.  All international transactions (outside of Canada or the USA) are subject to pay by wire / direct deposit only.

Shipping / Delivery Questions

Q. How much are shipping charges?
A. All shipping charges are quoted from our office and are based on location, weight, and dimensions of shipment. Additional charges may apply to the following services: Tail Gate, Residential Delivery, Inside Delivery, White Glove & Call Ahead. Not all items are shipped from the same location and therefore more than 1 shipping rate or charge may be required. Rates and quotes are subject to change. International shipments can be shipped both to port and to door via air and ocean. Please contact us for rates and details.

Q. How much lead time is required to order your products?
A. Delivery and production schedule times are constantly changing. It is recommended to contact our office via email or phone to get the most accurate delivery times, especially if orders placed are time sensitive. Backlogs, Backorders and production delays do occur during busy seasons and may change without notice.

As a service to our clients, we offer a HOLD POLICY where an order can be placed well in advance and we will warehouse the product for you and ship on demand when requested. This is always recommended when possible to eliminate any unforeseen delays. (minimal charges may apply for extended holding periods, please inquire with our office)

Q. How long does an order usually take to ship a make-to-order product?
" Pedicure chairs - 2-4 week production // 1 week transit (approx.)
" Pedicure Benches - 4-6 weeks production // 1 week transit (approx.)
" Massage / Spa Tables - 3-4 week production // 1 week transit (approx.)
" Pedicure Sinks - 3-4 week production // 1 week transit (approx.)
**some exceptions may apply. Custom and large quantity orders may take more time. Although we strive to offer the quickest possible service, we cannot control the delivery times of the transportation companies or any unforeseen weather or traffic conditions**

Technical Questions

Q. Where do I find installation instructions?
A. Installation instructions are enclosed with your order and can also be found on our website on the product pages. When you select and click on a particular model, an information page will be display; on the right hand side you will find a BLUE link to manuals, specs and videos. Click on the item you are searching and another information page will come up where you will be able to print off for your records.
**For technical information that is not answered via our site, please call our customer service desk**

Q. European Voltage requirements
A. All overseas orders will be converted and supplied with the proper 220V requirements and all other necessary components to suit your electrical specifications.

Q. How do the Pedicure Chairs drain the water?
A. There are 2 types of draining applications:

1. Standard Gravity Drain Application (Recommended) - The Pedicure Chair is installed directly to your floor drain if available. Underneath the chair ABS piping and a P-trap (supplied) are connected to your drain underneath the chair or out the back. Similar to any standard bathtub.

2. Discharge Pump Draining Application - Due to no drain source available, a discharge pump will be required. The Discharge pump is factory installed in the chairs. When the drain control knob is turned the discharge pump will automatically turn on and drains the water to your closest drain source.

Care & Maintenance Questions

Q. What is the best way to sanitize after each pedicure?
A. Always consult your local governing agency for their specific cleaning and disinfecting requirements and regulations for pedicure spas. Use the regulations and requirements as a minimum for cleaning and disinfecting. Please see owner and user manual for each chair, which can also be found on our website on each pedicure chairs corresponding page.

Q. How do I clean a Pipefree Whirlpool System?
A. Please refer to the user manual for your pedicure chair which provides step by step instructions. Also available are short instructional videos for your convenience if needed.

Installation Questions

Q. Is much assembly required on my new spa?
A. Pedicure chairs are shipped in 2 parts; base and massage chair. The massage chair simply bolts to the pedicure chair base.

Q. How does the hot and cold water hook up to the Pedicure Chairs?
A. All hot and cold water hook ups are exposed and located at the back of the base with 1/2" male connections. The installation is similar to a faucet, or any household items which require hot and cold water. (we recommend using a licensed plumber or contractor for plumbing installation)

Q. Do I need a plumber and an electrician to install my Pedicure Chair?
A. Yes, a qualified licensed plumber and electrician must do the installation, not doing so may void your warranty.

Q. Do I need to secure the base to the floor?
A. Yes, the base should be leveled and anchored securely to the floor. The base may be anchored by accessing the opening at the back of the base.

Parts & Service Questions

Q. What if I need warranty service?
A. Should there be a service needed, please contact our office first to troubleshoot any warranty issues. We are not responsible for any warranty labor charges or income shortages from your equipment being inoperable. We recommend the original installer to service any warranty or contact your local licensed plumber or electrician to service the assistance needed.

Q. Do you carry all replacement parts?
A. We carry all current replacement parts for units that we sell. We also carry some parts for discontinued models, however, discontinued parts are only inventoried while quantities last.