Meridian Spas offers an extensive line of pedicure chairs, salon furniture and spa equipment. Having been in business for over 15 years we have the experience and knowledge to guide you in making a purchase (large or small) for your salon. Our spa line is carefully selected and streamlined to provide you with quality products that include our before and after customer service. Meridian Spas wants you to be confident in your purchase and completely satisfied with your order for years to come.

Although our primary marketplace is the United States and Canada, Meridian caters to all countries by shipping world wide. Working closely with our reliable logistic companies, freight forwarders and agents we are able to provide prompt shipping quotes and meet the challenges of conducting international trade. With international sales we can accommodate the necessary electrical requirements (voltage and plug type conversions), carry CE approvals on select product and provide website translations on our international page for assistance. We also distribute our products to spa related industries including Hotel/Resort, Medical, Retirement, Health & Fitness Clubs, Schools, Organizations and more.... We believe that the spa and beauty industry carries no boundaries.

Quality and excellence are important factors to our business. We sell and promote products that not only endure rigorous testing but also carry approvals from several certification bodies which meet municipal and state code requirements. All of our pedicure chairs are inspected and tested by trained technicians at the manufacturing facility prior to shipping for quality assurance. Our salon furniture and furnishings have been professionally designed with first class craftsmanship and innovation.

Trends and standards constantly changing in the spa market. We strive to bring our clients the latest products and features that the marketplace demands. With today's strict health regulations for salons and spas it is essential to provide products to meet these requirements to enable a safe working environment for both you and your customers. Pipefree whirlpool, pedicure liners, vented manicure tables and EPA approved disinfectants are just a few items that fall into this category.

There are many factors to consider when investing in high quality spa equipment including: style, color, quality, functionality and more.... Our spa treatment tables and multipurpose chairs are built to last and made with eco-friendly materials. The comfort level is superior and will leave a lasting impression with your clients that will want them to keep coming back again and again. Proper equipment plays a vital role in the success of your business and for your staff to provide the best service possible. Word of mouth advertising will be free when your customers are leaving completely satisfied with their revitalizing spa experience.

Quality - Spa Equipment should have an undeniable quality and be constructed of the finest materials. The attention to detail on our products will stand out and you will even be able to tell just by the look that it was handcrafted and made with precision.

Functionality - Our multipurpose tables cater to several spa services such as massage, facial, waxing, manicure and much more. Let the equipment do the work for you and perform when you need it to.

Comfort - Clients want to feel completely relaxed during their service. Being comfortable is essential to put the customer at ease for their spa treatment. Once they lye down they won't want to get back up.

Salons & Spas of all sizes have the need to be portable. Several products are available that are designed for portable applications which may suit your needs. Our pedicure bowls, portable spas and plumbing free pedicure chairs can be of assistance to salons that are limited by plumbing restrictions or provide services on the go. The light weight pedicure bowls are ideal for house calls, in room hotel treatments, spa parties etc. The bowls are easy to fill, empty and sanitize. Custom designed pedicure units can also be implemented with the removable pedicure bowls keeping your station elegant, quiet and sanitary.