$195.00 USD

Both clients and technicians will approve the NEW & IMPROVED disposable Airpad for the Waterdance System. Now more efficient, and easier to use - no jet to clean and is just a one-time use! Easy to install with no cross-contamination - 100% sanitized. Peel, Stick, Connect, Use, and Dispose. . Kit Includes: Airpad, Connector, and Straw.

Please note that this system will only operate in conjunction with the Waterdance Pedicure Footrest.

Airpad Features

  • Disposable Airpad for Waterdance System
  • One-Time Use
  • Easy to Use & Install
  • No Cross Contamination
  • 100% Sanitized
  • Peel, Stick, Connect, Use, Dispose
  • Includes Airpad, Connector & Straw
  • 240 Units per Case