$855.00 USD

The beautifully squared Tranquility Air Pedicure Sink now features a magnetic pipeless air jet system that provides one of the most relaxing and invigorating foot massages in the market. The jet cover is easy to remove for cleaning and is also liner compatible combining for a safe and sanitary pedicure service. The Tranquility Air can be surface mounted with or without a jet guard casing, or recessed down into your platform for a concealed look. Includes a pre-drilled drain hole and jet hole for a fixed application. Complete your set with several appealing finish options for the drain, faucet, and footrest.

Sink Features:

Tranquility Air Includes: Sink, Pipeless Air Jet, Power Supply, Air Switch Button, Air Hose

Additional Options:

Padded Removable Footrest (slip fit directly to sink)
Pop-Up Drain (various finishes)
Faucet With Pullout Sprayer & Rotational Spout (various finishes)
Drain Pump (Required if plumbing is located in the wall)
Jet Guard (White Cover Casing to conceal back of jet motor on surface mount installation)

Tranquility Air Details:

Application: Must be installed stationary, this sink is not meant for portable use.
Finish: Smooth polished high gloss ceramic construction
Water Capacity: 5 US Gallons
Quiet Air jet Operation
3 Piece Magnetic Jet Cover (liner compatible)
Airjet Electrical: 120V / 0.5AMP / 60Hz / 50W
Comfort: Fits up to a men's size 13 foot
Sink Dimensions: 17.72”L x 17.25”W x 9.38"H (5/8" Rim)
Sink Weight: 35 lbs.
Footpad Dimensions: 18"L x 6"W x 4"H
Downloads: Specs