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Terms, Warranties and Info

We reserve the right to make changes to all terms and conditions without notice.
In order to place and process your order, payments must be made in full.
Catalog prices are listed in net pricing.
All orders are charged in the currency in which the order is being shipped (United States/Canada).
Recommended Payment Methods are Credit Card, Money Order, Certified Check, Bank Draft, Wire Transfer and Financing is available.
Visa and Mastercard are both accepted, credit card transactions are subject to an administrative charge.
Meridian Spas reserves the right to decline any type of payment methods not suitable or autihorized by our office for any transaction.

A 30% restocking fee will apply for all canceled orders. No Exceptions.
If ordered by credit card, the Administrative Charge from the original invoice will not be credited back to purchaser, nor will any administrative charges on the return be credited. All freight and courier charges are non refundable, unless otherwise authorized by our office. Meridian Spas Reserves the right to cancel any upaid or unprocessed orders at any time.

All returns are handled on a case by case basis and are subject to the discretion of our office. We reserve the right to deny any return requests if necessary. Authorized returns will be charged a 30% restocking fee; all shipping charges, customs, duties, administration fees, are the responsibility of the customer. Original shipping, handling, and administration fees will not be refunded. All Damaged items will be part replacement, not full product replacement. Credit will not be issued until all returned items are received, inspected and tested to our satisfaction.

Processing Times , Grand Openings & Delivery
Meridian Spas and Supplying Manufacturers can only provide you with the best possible approx. manufacturing and delivery time for your order. It is highly recommended you provide yourself with a considerable amount of time for any of your projcet timelines or openings. Time must be considered for the following: manufacturing process, transportation, installation, payment proccessing and any possible delays that could occur. Meridian Spas will not be liable for any financial damages or losses incurred by customer due to manufacturing and/or delivery delays. In Addition: IN NO EVENT SHALL MERIDIAN SPAS BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR SPECIAL DAMAGES, CARTAGE, LABOR, TRAVEL TIME, LOST PROFITS, OR CONTINGENT LIABILITIES.

Claims & Damages
We are not responsible for damages or shortages incurred after the shipment has been delivered and signed for. All damages and shortages must be noted on the waybill otherwise we have no recourse with the transportation company to process any damage claims on your behalf. Please notify us of any claims within 24 hours. Any damaged good is subject to "part replacement", not full product replacement and is contingent on the policies and approvals of the transportation company.

Shipping prices will be quoted by our office, unless transportation is provided by customer. All quoted delivery times are APPROXIMATE only. Delivery dates are not guaranteed and are subject to change without notice. We Highly recommend that you DO NOT schedule installation and/or grand openings until reception of goods, as we are not responsible for shipment delays.All pedicure spa units in single or multiple shipments are F.O.B. factory. Meridian Pedicure Spas ships to anywhere in North America and outside of North America by permission from our office. All units are inspected prior to shipping. All Deliveries are curbside delivery only, Inside deliveries and White Glove Deliveries are additional costs by customer request only. Some Transportation companies may or may not offer inside delivery as a service. All Shipments must be inspected upon receipt. We must be notified within 10 days of receipt if product is damaged and a damage claim will be put in with the freight company. All shipping rates are calculated by weight, dimensions, destination and quantities. Customer should allow approx. 2 weeks for shipping, after production of units are completed.
General Warranty
Meridian Spas will provide all warranties and services that is provided by the original manufacturer, however Meridian Spas is not liable for discrepancies or the legalities of the original manufacturers warranties, guarantees, and policies. Meridian Spas is not responsible and has no control in which the manner of the warranties and policies are implemented. On your behalf, we will present all necessary information to the manufacturer; however, please understand that we cannot issue any warranty credit or reimbursement without confirmation or consent of the manufacturer, to their discretion. All warranty and service related matters are forwarded to the the manufacturers customer service department. All Warranty items will be part replacement, not full product replacement.

Pedicure Chair Warranty
The Manufacturer warrants to the original purchaser that the new pedicure spa will be free from defect during the Standard Warranty Period (listed below). The shipping date and the uniquely-coded Serial Number on the back of each spa chair will justify the start of the warranty period for the product. The warranty is null and void if the pedicure spa is taken from its initial place of installation, or it is not installed in accordance with federal, state or local codes and ordinances. Also, this warranty does no apply if the pedicure spa has been subject to misapplication, improper installation or maintenance, negligence, improper cleaning or other circumstances beyond the manufacturers control.

1. Limited Three(3) Years warranty on Spa Shell.
2. Limited One(1) Year warranty on the Whirlpool Pump.
3. Limited One(1) Year warranty on the Clean Jet.
4. Limited One(1) Year warranty on the Glass Bowl.
5. Limited One(1) Year Parts-Only warranty which covers the Hydraulic System, Discharge Pump, Massage System and all Electrical Components.
6. Manufacturer will pay shipping charges on all replacement parts during the first 90 days of the stated Warranty Period. After 90 days the consumer is responsible for all labor and shipping costs incurred.

1. Damage to pump parts and/or motor parts due to obstruction in plumbing lines etc.
2. Staining, fading or discoloration of plastic surfaces due to exposure and/or the use of harmful cleaning agents or Chemicals.
3. Staining, fading or discoloration caused by improper or poor water additives not related to the maintenance of Proper water are not covered by this warranty.
4. Staining, fading or discoloration of the seat, armrests or footrests.
5. Freight damage, misuse, neglect, accident, natural disaster and abuse.
6. Unauthorized repairs.

1. The Dealer shall forward all warranty-related matters to our Customer Service Department.
2. Serial Numbers and Original Invoice must accompany all warranty claims.
3. Customers are responsible for shipping defective parts back to the Manufacturer. These parts must be packaged correctly in order to protect against any further damage.
4. All parts are to be shipped by UPS Ground Service average 2-5 days.
5. All defective parts must be shipped back to the manufacturer within 30 days of receiving the new replacement parts or warranty will be void.
6. Any warranty claim that cannot be determined over the phone, the customer must send photos and original invoice directly to the manufacturer before any repairs can be performed.
7. Service Any service performed on the product without manufacturer authorization will also void the Warranty.
8. Each service call from the customer will be assigned a Claim Number. The Claim Number will stay open until the problem is resolved.

No dealer or other person has any authority to bind the manufacturer to changes or additions to this warranty or its products. Accordingly, the manufacturer is not responsible for such warranties or representations.

Care & Maintenance
Carefully read and follow all instructions in this manual
Cleaning The Acrylic Surface DO NOT use abrasive pads or cleaners that will scratch the surface or metal accessories. Use ONLY mild detergent and lukewarm water. Dry surface by blotting with a soft cloth.
Recommended Cleaners: Spic & Span, Fantastic, Mr. Clean, Cascade, 409.
Cleaning The Whirlpool System: To prevent harmful bacteria from growing in the foot spa please follow these cleaning instructions

Daily Cleaning Instructions:
1. Fill Foot spa with warm water to required level
2. Add 2 teaspoons of low foaming dishwasher detergent or "Whirlpool Flush" (Can be purchased at local hardware store), to the water
3. Run whirlpool for 5-10 min, then drain
4. Fill foot spa with cold water to required level and run whirlpool for 5-10 min.
5. Drain, then wipe dry with a soft cloth,

Weekly Cleaning Instructions:
1. Fill foot spa with warm water to required level
2. Add 1/3 cup of household bleach to the water and run whirlpool for 15 minutes, then drain.
3. Fill foot spa with cold water to required level and run whirlpool for 5-10 minutes
4. Drain, then wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Important Precautions
Do not use heavy force on controller parts and accessories
Water temperature should be checked Before use. Maximum temperature of water should never exceed 100°. Water level Must be 1" above the jets. Never run pump dry. This will cause severe damage to the pump and void the warranty.
IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THE JETS BE DIRECTED AWAY FROM THE SUCTION FITTING. This prevents the pump from taking too much air. "Surging"
All electrical components must stay away from the whirlpool.
DO NOT plug anything else into the outlets.
Do not use in areas with high humidity
Encourage each and every customer to use care and caution when using the foot spa.
WARNING DO NOT USE IF you are diabetic, have poor circulation, or if any area of your feet / legs are inflamed or have open sores. Consult a physician before using if you have any kind of fungal infection, swelling, fracture or persistent pain.


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