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Pedicure Chair Accessories

Discharge pump
Drain Pump For Pedicure Chairs
The discharge pump acts as a draining assistant and is only needed if placement of pedicure chair does not have drainage system.

Lavender Pedicure Stools
Holly Hock
Lavender Mani-Tech & Pedi-Tech Stools
The Lavender Technician Stools are luxurious stools with excellent back support and new designer diamond style stitching upholstery.

Mani-Tech Stools: Provides a taller height adjustment for Manicure Tables (16"-18"). Seat 17"W
Pedi-Tech Stools: Provides a shorter height adjustment (14"-16") for Pedicure Chairs. Seat 17"W

Colors: Butterscotch, Holly Hock, Truffle

Customer Chair ButterscotchCustomer Chair Truffle
Lavender Customer Chair
The Lavender Customer Chairs are ver comfortable with the sleek armrests and excellent back support. Comes with new designer diamond style stitching upholstery and are also conveniently adjustable in height. Customer Chairs are designed for manicure tables for both the Nail Techs and/or Customers.

Manicure Tables: Can be used on both sides of manicure table.
Colors: Butterscotch & Truffle
Approx. Dimensions: 17" Seat Width, Adjustable Height 18" low / 23" High, Overall 23"W 48" H

Pedi Stool
Pedicure Stool
An excellent stool for any pedicure station. The triangle backing provides support for your technician. The Pedi stool is designed for mobility and comfort and comes with an adjustable height from 14" to 16". Designed specifically for Pedicure Chairs and Stations.

Standard Stool Color Upholstery Covers Available in:
Sand 24

Technician Stool
Technician Stool
The technician stool provides an adjustable footrest for both stationary and portable pedicure stations. The footrest allows the technician to bring the clients foot to a comfortable height to provide a comfortable pedicure. Footrest adjusts from 20" to 27" in height.

Colors: Black & Sand Seat, Footrest is only available in black.

UV Gel Lamp
UV Gel Curing Lamp
The UV gel Curing Lamp is suitable for both fingernails and toenails. Comes with 36W bulbs, 120 sec.timer, and on/off switch. 4 bulbs at 9W.

Dimensions: 4" x 8.6" x 9.4"

Cushion For Pedicure Chair
Kids Cushion For Pedicure Chair
Easily convert your pedispa into a special station just for kids in less than 1 minute!
No need to buy a separate smaller pedispa. Get a panda hug with the velcro paws. Kid Pals cover can easily be removed and cleaned. Simply unzip and remove the cushion, and toss both into the washer!

Privacy Curtain Rods For Pedicure Stations
Privacy curtain rods are a great way to provide your clients with a relaxing pedicure by closing off all other distractions and allowing them to focus on their me time. Privacy Rods are 36" in length.

Metal Scroll Rod
Metal Scroll Rod
Circle Wooden Rod
Circle Wooden Rod
Privacy Curtain Rod
Silver Metal Rod
Pedicure Chair Privacy Curtains


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