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Pedicure Chair Parts

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Pink Arrow Plumbing Parts Pink Arrow Spa Chair Upholstery Covers
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Pedicure Spa Whirlpool Parts
Replacement parts and components include: Complete Pipefree Whirlpool Jets, Motors, Retainers, Covers, Kits, control boxes, push buttons and more.

ID Jet Cover Kit
ID Jet Cover Kit
ID Jet Impeller
ID Jet Cap
ID Jet Cap Kit
Induction Drive kit includes: front cap, back plast, and impeller. (#GSIDKIT)
ID Jet Impeller
Induction Drive jet impeller (#GSIDPUCK)
ID Jet Cap Top
Induction Drive front cap cover plate          (#GSIDCVR)
ID Jet Cap Base
Clean Jet Max Whirlpool
Pipefree Whirlpool
Magnetic Puck
ID Jet Cap Base
Plastic cap back cover plate only.
Cleanjet Max Motor
Pipefree whirlpool replacement motor complete with Cleanjet max cover kit (#GSCJMTRK)
Cleanjet Max Cover Kit
Cover kit includes: front cover, back plate, and magnetic puck.                                    (#GSMAGKIT)
Cleanjet Max Mag Puck
Magnetic puck only for Cleanjet Max        (#GSMAGPUCK) 
Mag Jet Cover
Clear Disc
Banana Plugs
Cleanjet Max Cover Only
Plastic front cover only for Cleanjet Max (includes directors and banana plug)           (#GSMAGCVR) 
Clear Disc w/ Bushing
Clear disc with bushing for Magjet back plate. (#GSMAGDISC)
Directional eyelets for Cleanjet Max front cover cap. (#GSEYELETS)

Cleanjet Max Banana Plugs
Cap screws for Cleanjet Max Cover  (pack of 5). (#GSBANANA)

Magjet Bushing
Cleanjet Cap Cover
Cleanjet Retainer
Magjet Plastic Bushing
Removable Plastic Bushing for Magjet Retainer. Comes in pack of five. (bushing only)
Cleanjet Cap Cover
Plastic Cap Cover for Cleanjet Motor.
Cleanjet Plastic Retainer
Plastic Retainer Backing for Cleanjet Cap.
Geni Jet Pipefree Whirlpool Motor
Genijet Cover Cap
Genijet Retainer 1
Genijet Retainer 2
Genie Jet Pipefree Whirlpool
Genie Jet Pipefree Motor complete with cap cover kit. (#ANSGENI)
Genie Jet Cover
GenieJet Cap Cover kit with retainer.       (#ANSGENICVR)  
Genie Jet Cap Version 1
Version 1 of the Genie Jet Cap. Back retainer has pins on backside (#ANSGJCAPV1)
Genie Jet Cap Version 2
Version 2 of Genie Jet Cap. More recent version of cap with tabs on side of cap.      (#ANSGJCAPV2)
ANS Liner Jet
ANS Liner Jet Cover
ANS Liner Jet LED Cover
ANS Liner Jet
ANS Liner Jet replacement motor complete with magnetic cover.                   (#ANSLINERJET)
ANS Liner Jet Cover Kit
Cover Cap replacements for ANS Liner Jet. (#ANSLJWET)
ANS Liner Jet LED Cover Kit
LED cover kit replacement for ANS Liner Jet. (#ANSWETLED)

Plumbing Parts & Components
Replacement parts and components include: Hand Sprayers, Hoses, Ptraps, Drains, Drain Pumps, Valves, Water Supplies, Fillers, Connectors and more.
Buffalo Hand  Sprayer
Faucet For Pedicure Chair
Pullout Spray Hoses
ANS Showerhead
Buffalo Hand Sprayer
Chrome hand sprayer with trigger.       (#GSBuffalo)
Filler Faucet With Spray Head
Compatible with Lavender, La Lilili, La Jasmine, Chi Spa, Mariposa II.  (#GSFiller)
Hand Sprayer Hose
1/2" F x 1/2" F Hand Sprayer Hose..
ANS Showerhead
Hand held showerhead for ANS pedicure chairs.
Discharge pump
Ptrap GS
P Trap Coupling
Waste & Overflow For Pedciure Chair
Drain Pump For Pedicure Chairs
The discharge pump acts as a draining assistant and is only needed if placement of pedicure chair does not have drainage system.
GS P Trap
Low Profile P-trap for pedicure chairs.
P Trap Coupling
** Needed For GS P Trap.
** Can be purchased at local plumb store. ** Model # FC56-1515 / Fernco
Pedicure Chair Drain
Cable Driven Flexible Waste & overflow for pedicure chairs.
LED Light For Pedicure Sink
Backflow Preventer
Pop Up Drain Plug
Mixer Kit
LED Light
LED Light For Pedicure Basin. Lighting program comes with several vibrant colors and are alternating.
Brass Backflow Preventer
Backflow Preventer. Mandatory in some states for pedicure Chair installation.
GS Pop Up Drain Plug
Replacement Drain Plug For Waste & Overflow.
Mixer Faucet Kit
Mixer Kit For Pedicure Chair Basin.
Mixer Handle
Mixer Base
large cartridge
small cartridge
Mixer Handle
GS handle only for mixer faucet in chrome.
Mixer Base Only
GS Mixer Base for faucet.
Large Mixer Cartridge
Large Cartridge for GS Teardrop Handle model GS4203
Small Mixer Cartridge
Small Cartrige for GS 1002 handle model GS4204
Drain Pump Push Button
Jet Push Button
Drain Pump Push Button
Push Button For Pedicure Chair Drain Pumps.
Jet Push Button
Push Button For Pipefree whirlpool motors.

Pedicure Chair Remote Controls
Replacement Remotes for Various Massage Chair Models and Brands.

9620 Chair Remote
9620 Massage Remote 2012
9600 Chair Remote
HT135 Remote
9620 Massage Chair Remote
Remote Control For 9620 series pedicure Chairs.
9620 - V2012 Massage Chair Remote
Remote Control For 9620 series. 2012 Version
9600/9640 Chair Remote
Massage Remote Control For 9600 & 9640 series Pedicure Chairs.
HT135 Human Touch Remote
Remote for HT135 Massage Chair Model.
HT044 Remote
HT245 Massage Remote
HT044 & HT045 Remote
Human Touch Remote Control for HT044 and HT045 Massage Chairs.
HT245 Human Touch Remote
Replacement Remote for the HT245 Series Chair.

Footrest Replacements & Parts
Replacement Parts Include: Complete Footrests, Brackets, Hinges, Pads, Stands & Kits.

Footrest Kit
Footrest Hinges
Vinyl Foot Footrest Kit
Vinyl Footpad Kit includes: footpad, stand, stopper and hinges. La Fleur, La Tulip, Camellia & Aquaspa
(W 14.25" x D 7" x H 2.25")
Footrest Hinges
Hinges and screws for footpad.
PU 25 Stand
Stand For Vinyl Footrest.
Stopper For Vinyl Footpad.
La Fleur Footrest Bracket
Long Footrest
Short Footrest
Footrest Bracket
Metal Footrest Bracket Only. Compatible with La Fleur & Le Tulip Series Spa Chairs.
Long Curved Footrest
Designed For Mini Lavender, La Plumeria, and Violet Pedicure Chairs. Model GS2110
Short Curved Footrest
Adjustable Footrest is designed for the La Fleur 3, 4 and La Tulip 2. Model GS2104
Lavender Footrest
Short Curved Square Footrest
Oval Footpad & Bracket
Lavender Short Footrest
Height adjustable footrest is designed specifically for the Lavender 3 Chair. Model GS2107
Short Footrest Square Bottom
Height Short curved footrest with square bottom. Model GS2104-01
Oval Footpad Only
Oval Cushion Footpad in black.
(W 14.25" x D 6 1/4" x H 2.25")
Oval Footrest & Bracket
Designed for La Rose & Paris Pedicure Bench. Can be used for custom benches.
La Rose T Bar & Bracket
Oval T Bar
Lavender T Bar
Lavender Bracket
Oval Footrest Bracket
Adjustable Chrome Footrest Bracket for Oval Footpad.
Oval T Bar
Super Relax T Bar For Oval Footpad.
Lavender T Bar
Super Relax T Bar For Oval Footpad.
Lavender Bracket
Bracket & T bar for lavender pedicure chair footrest.
3 Pad Footrest
Plugs For Footrest
GspaW FootrestGspa Footrest With Sprayer
3 Pad MFLP Footrest
Replacement Footrest Pads.
Footrest Plugs
Mini lavender plugs for footrest holes.
G Spa W Footrest
Footrest For GspaW comes with black vinyl footpad and handspray holder. Flat Bottom Bracket.
Bracket: D 5.25" x W 3" x H 11.25"
Footpad: W 14 1/8" x D 6 5/8" x H 2"

Spa Chair Upholstery Covers
Replacement Parts Include: Replacement Upholstery Covers, Sets, Pillows, Seats, Backs and more.

9640 Upholstery Cover Kit
9620 Upholstery Cover Kit
9622 Upholstery Cover Kit
HT135  Upholstery
9640 Upholstery Cover Kit
Replacement kit includes head pillow, back and seat. For 9640 Massage Chairs
9620 Upholstery Cover Kit
Replacement kit includes head pillow, back and seat. For 9620 Massage Chairs
9622 Upholstery Cover Kit
Replacement kit includes head pillow, back and seat. For 9622 Massage Chairs
HT135 Upholstery Replacement
Colors: cream, black, red, cappuccino

Massage Chair Parts
Replacement Parts Include: Side Trays, Motors, Wires, Hydraulics, Sensors, Circuit Boards and more.

9620 Wooden Side Tray
9620 Hydraulic
9620 Hydraulic Wire
9620 Up/Down Motor Belt
9620 Side Tray
Wooden Side Tray with soaker bowl For 9620 pedicure chairs.
9620 Back Forward Hydraulic
Back/Forward Hydraulic replacement for 9620 chair models.
9620 Hydraulic Wire
Replacement wire for 9620 hydraulic.
9620 Up/Down Motor Belt
Up/Down belt for AC Motor. 9620 series chairs.

Replacement Sinks & Bowls For Pedicure Chairs
Replacement Parts Include: Bowl & Sink Only in both glass and acrylic

La Fleur Bowl
Lavender Bowl
Camellia Bowl
La Fleur Glass Bowl
Replacement bowl for La Fleur & La Tulip chairs. Bowl only. Jet hole location needs to be confirmed when ordering.
Lavender Glass Bowl
Replacement bowl for lavender series. Bowl only, jet and drain sold separate. Several colors available.
Camellia/Aquaspa Glass Bowl
Replacement glass bowl for Camellia and Aquaspa chairs. Bowl Only, jet & drain sold separate.


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