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Home > Pedicure Benches

Pedicure Benches

Single Pedicure Benches

Paris Single Bench
Tiffany Pedicure Bench
Vienna Spa Bench
Paris Pedicure Bench
The Paris Pedicure Station Bench features an elegant glass bowl, cleanjet system, pullout faucet and adjustable footrest. Single, double and triple stations available.
Tiffany Pedicure Bench
The Tiffany pedicure spa bench comes with a flat front base. Large selection of bench styles and colors.
Vienna Pedicure Bench
Single, Double and Triple Stations available. Features a square glass bowl, adjustable footrest and chrome faucet. Customize it to your style.

Kimberly Bench
Selena Spa Bench
Artelli Pediucure Bench
Kimberly Pedicure Bench
The Kimberly Bench comes with pipefree whirlpool, adjustable footrest and step for the ultimate pedicure station.
Selena Spa Bench
The Selena Spa bench comes with an elegant glass bowl which come in several vibrant colors.
Artelli Spa Bench
The Artelli features a stunning colored glass bowl with pipefree whirlpool. Design your own model with endless possible color combinations.

Artelli P20 Bench
Artelli P20 Pedicure Bench
The Artelli P20 bench features the build of a pedicure bench but comes several massage chair options and colors.

Double Pedicure Benches

Paris Double Bench
Tiffany Double Pedicure Bench
Kimberly Double Bench
Paris Double Pedicure Bench
The Paris Double Pedicure Station Bench is perfect for a couples retreat. Double bench includes vibrating massage chairs with heat. Large Selection of laminates are available to select from.
Tiffany Double Bench
The Tiffany double bench includes adjustable footrest, glass pedicure sinks and faucet. Excellent colors to choose from.
Kimberly Double Bench
The Double Kimberly comes with luxurious glass pedicure sinks, side step, faucet and footrest.

Vienna Double Pedicure Bench
Selena Double Pedicure Bench
Artelli Double Spa Bench
Vienna Double Pedicure Bench
The popular double Features a square glass bowl, adjustable footrest and chrome faucet. Customize it to your style.
Selena Double Pedicure Bench
The Selena looks twice as good in a double station. Create your own.
Artelli Double Pedicure Bench
Create your own custom Artelli Spa Bench with a large selection of laminate , glass and upholstery colors to choose from. curved footrests.

Triple Pediure Benches

Paris Triple Pedicure Bench
Selena Spa Bench
Vienna Triple Pedicure Bench
Paris Triple Spa Bench
Updated Paris Triple Bench brings an exciting approach to a practical pedicure station. The Paris Triple is very spacious and is available in different styles and colors.
Selena Triple Bench
The Triple Selena is perfect for high traffic salons looking to impress their clients. Bench includes pipefree whirlpool, glass bowls with optional pedicure liners.
Vienna Triple Bench
The Vienna is an excellent alternative to the standard pedicure chairs. Constructed of high quality and elegance.
Artelli Triple Pedicure Bench
Artelli Triple Pedicure Bench
Triple Bench model includes colored glass bowls with curved footrests. Available with button or flaty style upholstery.


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