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Home > Polish Racks

Nail Polish Racks

Voltron Rack
Wall Mout Polish Rack
Polish  Stand
Voltron Nail Polish Rack
Wall Mount
Holds 135 Polish Bottles
Contemporary Design
ANS Wall Polish Rack
Holds 144 Bottles
Slim Design
Large Laminate Selection
Nail Polish Freestanding Rack
Holds 200 Bottles
Bottom Storage With Hardware
Paris Polish Rack
Rotary Polish Display
Deluxe Powder Rack
Paris Polish Rack
Holds 180 Bottles
Four Laminate Colors Options
Deluxe Rotary Nail Polish Rack
Holds 600 Bottles
Rotary Display
Designed For High Traffic Nail Salons
Deluxe Rotary Powder Rack
Holds 360 Jars
Rotary Display
Fits Most Major Brands

Pinnacle Polish Station
Verona II Polish Stand Verona Polish Stand
Pinnacle Nail Polish Station
Wall Freestanding Floor Mount
Two Tone Laminate Option
Holds 406 Bottles
Verona II Polish Center
Freestanding Floor Mount
Holds 800 Bottles
Two Tone Laminate Finish
Verona Polish Center
Freestanding Floor Mount
Holds 450 Bottles
Two Tone Laminate Finish

Berkely Nail Rack
Avon Nail Polish Rack
Verona II Polish Rack
Berkeley Polish Rack
Wall Mounted
Dark Hardwood Color
Holds 90 bottles
Avon Nail Polish Rack With LED
Wall Mount
Holds 400 Bottles
Streamlined Wood Grain
Verona II Polish Rack
Wall Mount
Holds 220 Bottles
Wood Grain Laminate Finish

Apple Polish Rack
LC Polish Rack
Apple Nail Polish Rack
Wall Mount
Holds 100 Bottles
Chocolate & Cherry Available
LC Nail Polish Rack
Wall Mount
Holds 78 Bottles
Black & White Available


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