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Manicure Tables

UV Gel Light Series

UV Gel Manicure Table Benikio UV Gel Table
Ion Nail Table
UV Gel Light Manicure Table
The UV Gel Light is a great nail station which eliminates the need to have an additional nail dryer in your salon. Replacement Bulbs are readily available.
Beniko UV Gel Table
Features a contemporary yet practical design for a quality working station. Includes two built in UV gel lights, nail drying fan and excellent storage space. Comes in a chocolate laminate with white marble top.
Ion UV Gel Nail Table
The nail drying fan and uv gel lights make this model an easy choice with plenty of storage for all your tools and supplies. Available in an optional two tone laminate design.
Voltron Nail Table with UV Gel Lights

Voltron UV Gel Nail Table
This contemporary model features a full marble top, two built in UV gel lights and gerous storage. Includes comfortable padded armrest client.

LED Light Collection

LED Manicure Table
Voltron Table
IMC Vented Table with UV Gel Lights
LED Light Manicure Table
Regular lights Cure in 2-3 minutes. The LED UV gel light cures in 20-30 seconds. The LED table also comes in a selection of vibrant laminates and option of white are dark marble top.
Voltron LED Nail Table
The Contemporary designed Voltron was created to make your salon picture perfect. Includes elegant marble top, LED UV Gel light and bottle organizer.
IMC LED UV Gel Nail Table
This compact table is perfect for small salons with limited space. Conveniently holds 1 LED UV Gel lights within the table. Several convenient vent hookup locations on table.

Vented & Exhaust Series

IMC Manicure Table Ultimate Table
Centrifuge Dustless Nail Table
IMC Vented Manicure Tables
The Ventilation can be installed to both floor and wall and can be mounted to left or right sides of the table. Available in a single or double station.
Ultimate UV Light Table
The Ultimate includes built in UV lights with timer, exhaust fan and switches. Comes with excellent storage space for all tools and supplies.
Centrifuge Dustless & Fumeless Table
The perfect solution for air quality in the nail salon. Helps eliminate nail dust and fumes to protect your staff and clients.

Space Saver Series

Classic Saver Table UV Gel Space Saver
Classic Space Saver Manicure Table
The Classic Space Saver is smaller but still creates a organized work environment for your beauty salon.
UV Gel Space Saver
This compact table is perfect for small salons with limited space. Conveniently holds 2 UV Gel lights.

Glass Top Series

Romance Nail Table La Rose Manicure Table Vienna Table in Gloss White
Romance Table
Contemporary look with plenty of storage and working space. Several color options to choose from. A simple design with easy setup.
La Rose Manicure Table
The La Rose Nail table is perfect. Comes with elegant glass top and modern curves. Has excellent storage compartments and drawers.
Vienna White Manicure Table
The Vienna is done in style. Features an elegant clear glass top, gloss white laminate and decorative handles. Also available as a double station.
Ion Glass Nail Table Paris Nail Table  
Ion Glass Top Table
The Ion includes a built-in nail drying fan for the clients convenience. Several laminates are available to select from and two stylish glass tops.
Paris Nail Table
Select from several vibrant laminate finishes to create your own custom paris nail table. An excellent station for any technician.

Granite & Marble Top Collections

White Classic Manicure Table Berkeley Nail Table Adelle Nail Table
Classic Manicure Table
The smooth flat marble table tops give your station a designer look with practicality. Available in both light and dark wood laminates.
Berkeley Manicure Table
The Berkeley Table comes with a stylish granite top and a pleasing dark veneer finish. Excellent for storage and organization.
Adelle Manicure Table
The Adelle is the latest in nail furniture design. The Designer accents provide an upscale look for your beauty salon.
Canterbury Nail Table Carina Manicure Table Camellia
Canterbury Nail Table
The designer accents make this manicure table an easy choice. The Canterbury comes with an elegant marble top.
Carina Manicure Station
The Carina is a comfortable station for any nail technician. It's functionality and appearance impresses both the customer and employees.
Camellia Manicure Nail Table
The Trendy Camellia is perfect for the modern nail salon. Features elegant stainless steel legs.
Luma Nailspace Table Val Manicure Table  
Luma Nailspace
Available with several upgrade options including a side wall option for polish display, overhead lamps and studio + laminates. Table features multiple sotrage drawers for organization.
Val Manicure Table
The Val table is an economy table ready to ship with the option of dark or white marble. Simple design at a great price.


Portable Manicure Nail Tables

Taylor Manicure Table
Taylor Manicure Table
Quality Portable Nail Table. The Taylor can be used as both manicure table and accessory cart. 3 pullout drawers to keep nail techs organized.

Double Table Collection

Ion Double Nail Table Camellia Table
Ion Double Nail Station
The Ion Double Table comes with an excellent amount of storage for all your tools and accessories. The Ion comes with a designer look with it's tempered glass top and contemporary outlines. Includes bottle organizer.
Camellia Double Manicure Station
The Camellia is a fashionable nail table styled with modern flare. Maintaining its practicality the Camellia offers generous storage with several compartments and drawers. Available in 3 vibrant laminate colors.
Classic Double Manicure Station IMC Double Table
Classic Manicure Station
The Classic Double Station is elegant station designed with class and practicality. Nail Table has smooth marble tops and has many features that benefits both the client and the technician. The vibrant wood laminates make this an excellent choice for you salon or spa.
IMC Double Nail Table
The IMC Double is available with sleek modern laminate seletctions. Vent connects directly to ventilation system and can be installed to both floor and wall. Vent can be installed on left or right sides of the table.
Ion UV Gel Double Table LED  Double Table
Ion UV Gel Double Manicure Station
The Ion UV Gel Double comes with built in UV Gel lights with 36 W lights with auto on/off center. The Ion can come in both duo tone laminate or single colors. Selection of 2 designer glass tops in Jamocha or Warm Terracotta.
LED Double Manicure Table
The LED Light table comes with 1 high powered 30 watt LED light. 10,30,60 seconds timer setting, auto on/off sensor. Marble tops are available in white or dark with a large selection of laminates.

UV Gel Double Table Canterbury Double
UV Gel Double Manicure Table
The UV Gel Double comes with built in UV Gel lights with 36 W lights with auto on/off center. Includes built in nail drying fan and marble top selection. Plenty of storage and great for organization.
Canterbury Double Nail Table
The Canterbury Double portrays a natural look and is built for functionality. The marble tops give the table an element of timeless design which captures a spa like essence.

Carina Double Nail Station Paris Double Manicure Table
Carina Double Table
The Carina Double has a confident design with bold lines. The chocolate laminate and black table color combinations gives a rich look natural look. Features include cubby hole, padded armrests and locking casters.
Paris Double Manicure Table
The Paris Double Table is available in several exciting glass top colors and laminates. UV Gel cutouts and nail dust filter can be selected as upgrades.

Manicure Nail Stations

Eclipse Nail Station  
Eclipse Nail Station
The Eclipse nail table can be extended out into several stations. Includes padded armrests, nail drying fans and elegant marble tops. .


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